Rent guarantee insurance- is it worth it?

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  • Rent guarantee insurance- is it worth it?

    Preparing to use Tenant verify to screen prospective tenants this week- does anyone have experience of claiming on the rent guarantee offered in the more expensive package? Or is the £30.55 package the best bet? Hoping for impartial answers!

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    Rent Guarantee

    Hi, I have no experience with the rent guarantee you refer, however I think a rent guarantee is good value. You could try Homelet or Letsure. I have experience of claiming with Homelet and found them excellent. I think you will find them a bit more expensive. Go for the basic policy which will pay out up to 6 months plus or until possession plus legal fees. The tenant will however have to pass Homelets referencing


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      Thanks, I've had a look at those, shame nobody else has replied.


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