What can I do to recover money and evict tenant

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  • What can I do to recover money and evict tenant


    I have a HB tenant in my property and she has not paid a penny for over two months.

    I've had the HB people pay me directly, but the payments have not come through yet. There is a small payment due this week. The payments that went to the tenant have not been paid to me.

    The next payment from HB is due mid-April and my tenant has been asked to leave end of March. Does this mean that I wont get the mid-April HB payment? If so, this means that for 4 months all i would have got is one HB payment (the one this week, which is only for 2 weeks rent), meaning I am left with a huge arrears - something in the region of £3500.

    This doesn't even take into account the top-up payments the tenant should be giving me.

    How can I claim this money? I personally dont think the tenant will leave at the end of March, so I am not even sure how to get rid of her asap.

    This is a complete nightmare!

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    Is she in total over two months in arrears? If so issue a Section 8 notice.....search for Section 8 on these forums, there is a lot written about it.
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      We have literally just been through the same scenario as you now find yourself in.
      If your tenant does not leave at the end of March as you suspect will be the case, HB will continue paying you direct for as long as the tenant still occupies your property.
      Please feel free to contact me if I can be of any help.
      Kind Regards


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