Vetting a self-employed tenant - best way?

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    started a topic Vetting a self-employed tenant - best way?

    Vetting a self-employed tenant - best way?

    After 2 disastrous experiences with tenants acquired thru E/Agents, ive decided to find a tenant privately for a change.
    I have a prospective self-employed tenant with his own small IT business, and would like to do the relevant credit checks.
    Does anyone else have any good suggestions/tips for the quickest/most reliable way to do this?

    1. Is it sufficient to use Experian, or should i pay a fee and use an 'agency'?
    2. Am i within my rights to refuse to take a tenant on the basis of him being self-employed, or is this 'discriminatory'?
    3. Can anyone recommend any good companies who provide 'rent indemnity' insurance for self-employed tenants?
    4. Is there any way i can check the financial status of my tenants company?

    Thanks for any tips anyone can provide!

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