Am I entitled to holding deposit?

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    Am I entitled to holding deposit?

    Tenancy agreement with existing tenant (T1) expires on Fri 26 June. L issues Section 21 Notice on 24 April and T has agreed verbally on a number of occassions that he will leave on 26 June.

    L instructs LA to find new tenant on 24 May. LA finds new tenant (T2) on same day and advises L that T2 wishes to move in on 27 June. L reluctantly accepts significant reduction (£100 per month) on advertised rent since no void period and rental yields falling. LA takes holding deposit of £300. L and LA stop marketing property.

    Because of concerns as to whether T1 will actually vacate property on 26 June, L does not sign new tenancy agreement with T2 until sure T1 has left.

    Today, T2 advises that cannot move into property until end July but advises that still wants property.

    LA has advised that if L is willing to keep the property for T2 til end July, T2 will agree to allow L to retain holding deposit.

    Question: Given that T2 had stated that he would move into property on 27 June is L not entitled to holding deposit anyway (regardless of whether he keeps property open)? I know that the answer depends on the terms of the agreement between T2 and LA, but L hasn't seen agreement and LA seems a bit clueless on this. Therefore just wondering how this sort of thing usually works.

    Thanks in advance

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