Tenants gone, propertys empty!

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    Tenants gone, propertys empty!

    Hi chaps

    Thought I'd ask a question instead of answering some! Finally got a tenant out after much faffing including delayed possessions, etc. Was served Sec 21 and Sec 8. Anyway LL has been granted possession, just waiting to instruct the bailiffs now. And...........the tenant has gone! No furniture in the property, neighbour says she's gone, can see piles of post, etc!

    So the question is.... Whats the quickest way to get back in? Wait for the Court Order? Wait for the bailiffs to go in, or put up an abandonment notice? If the notice has anyone got a copy of a good one? Otherwise we're looking at quite a few weeks before we can get the bailiffs

    Danger: occasionally, T may pretend to vacate; L re-enters too soon; T reappears and claims harassment. Did T actually surrender Tenancy?
    JEFFREY SHAW, solicitor [and Topic Expert], Nether Edge Law*
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      We are aware of the dangers, this lady seems like a professional tenant, didnt pay rent for ages, went to court, her solicitor said she'd never received info about TDS so assumed they were not covered. Postponed until LL could prove it was covered. With the permission of the judge, she managed to stay there for approx 5 months rent free.
      So we do intend to tread very carefully indeed!

      And no, no surrender, LA was inspecting house next door when neighbour said she's gone, and there was no sight of any belongings!


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