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    ending a periodic tenancy

    I am ending my current periodic tenancy through an estate agent. They are saying that by law I have to give one months notice from the day I pay rent rather than from today which I would prefer.

    Are they correct?

    I hope to hear from you soon

    many thanks


    Yes they are correct

    Yes they are correct.

    Where the tenancy has become a Statutory Periodic Tenancy (where the fixed-term has ended and no new agreement signed for another fixed-term) the tenant must give the landlord notice if he wants to leave:

    • The notice must be in writing
    • It must be delivered at least 4 weeks before the notice period ends or 1 month if rent is paid monthly
    • It must bring the tenancy to an end at the end of a full rent period.

    The notice period must end at the end of a tenancy payment period: for example, if the rent payment date is on the 20th of each month, the notice period must end on the 20th of the month or the 19th to be on the safe side.

    The tenancy agreement cannot change these basic rules, 4 weeks being the minimum notice period. However, if the tenancy period is more than 4 weeks, for example, one month, then the notice period is one month.

    Tenants needing to terminate and leave early from a fixed term tenancy may negotiate with their landlord to be released from their contract, but this is a matter for personal agreement between landlord and tenant.


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