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    re - landlords wish list

    With a general election likely in the next 6-12 months.

    I'm a journalist doing some research into what landlords would wish for as new policies and approaches for the private rented sector from our politicians.

    More regulation? Less. Tax breaks - what types.

    Any thoughts comments would be appreciated

    Free lie-detector machines for use in tenant sceeening?

    Seriously : energy efficiency grants to help LLs reduce the carbon footprint of all rented property.

    Apart from that, I don't understand why LLs should expect any more 'tax breaks' than anyone else - please explain.
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      1. Letting Agents should be regulated in the same way that Estate Agents are regulated.

      2. Proposals to change the legislation which allows Landlord's to regain possession of their property should not be implemented. It is mainly the knowledge that a Landlord CAN recover possession of his/her property which has made so much property available to the private rental market. If you can't get your property back when you want to (within the legal guidelines), you are going to think twice about letting it in the first place.

      3. I am not completely against the idea that Landlords should be registered as in Scotland, but have yet to be convinced that such registration in England and Wales would make the slightest difference to benefit tenants or landlords and the costs of such a scheme, especially if it involves some kind of policing of landlords, would be prohibitive. The regulations are already fairly loaded in the favour of tenants, but many tenants are not actually aware of their rights in a given situation and I don't think such a scheme would change that.

      4. Whilst the introduction of the Deposit Protection Schemes were very necessary, the drafting of the legislation was absolutely appalling and has meant anomalies and ambiguities causing real difficulties to users. It is typical of this government's knee-jerk rush into legislation and whoever did the drafting should be fired!!! I supposed it is too late to do much about this, but a more measured approach to drafting in future would be good, with some thought being given to how each regulation would actually work in practice!!

      All I can think of for the moment!!
      Mrs Jones
      I am not an expert - my posts are my opinion and should not be taken as fact!!


        Better management of LHA (housing benefit) to prevent claimants, who are now paid housing benefit directly, from not using it to pay their rent and LL having to wait 8 weeks before they can even discuss rent arrears with housing benefit office - and in our experience, this has never had any effect - they are not interested if T is not using their LHA to pay for their rent.

        Quicker legal process for evicting tenants who simply stop paying rent - In theory, they can sign a 6 month AST, pay a deposit and first months rent and then never pay another penny. LL cannot serve a section 21 on the tenant that expires before the end of the 6 months and even then, if you have to go to court, get an eviction order, wait to get the bailiffs in etc - you're looking at another possibly 4 months, give or take, after the end of the 6 month agreement before you get your propery back and can get a paying tenant in. 8 months of unpaid rent, large legal fees, who knows what potential damage to your property and a tenant living 'free' for so long in someone elses property ... shouldn't be allowed!


          Stop trying to muscle in to the void the councils left behind because of the right to buy policies. In fact, cease right to buy today.

          Couple that with building more social housing.

          Forget about key workers schemes, part rent part buy, shared ownership. No one understands it. When people buy into that, they (eventually) realise they are stuck with a property that they cannot sell on the open market, cannot extend the term of the lease, cannot collectively enfranchise. Selling this stuff to people who cannot properly afford to buy properties, should be scrapped. These people ought to be entitled to social housing.

          Want ability to evict non-paying tenants very swiftly.

          Stop nibbling into landlord's incomes with back-of-fag-packet schemes such as deposit protection, HMO licensing, energy performance certificates. Rents will go up to counteract it.


            End the local authority policy of 'gate-keeping' whereby their housing services department order tenants to ignore notices to quit until the landlord has gained a court order for possession of the property or instructed bailiffs.


            As with the earlier posts, this ties in private landlords being impacted by the governments failure to remedy the damage done to social housing through the right to buy and housebuilding not keeping up with population growth.

            It is also one of the key reasons why many landlords have a policy of never considering LHA/HB claimants - they are most likely to contact the local authority for assistance and be given this advice and the least likely to find onward accommodation when the landlord wants the property back.


              I would also suggest Scribbler takes a look at the threads under the Housing Benefit Questions (HB, LHA, DSS) heading!!!
              Mrs Jones
              I am not an expert - my posts are my opinion and should not be taken as fact!!


                Thanks for your useful ideas. Very helpful.


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