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    I remember reading that if the Council pays HB directly to the tenant, and subsequently they don't pay the landlord, a request can be made after 8 weeks that the council pay the landlord directly.

    However, how does a landlord ascertain when the Council began paying the tenant, as the council will not discuss this with you.

    eg my tenant informs me HB not yet received (almost 4 months into tenancy). Council won't tell me one way or the other.


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    Just write and tell them the tenant is more than 8 weeks in arrears. If it's being paid they must pay directly to you.


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      my hb tenants moved in 1st may 2005, but it took nearly 2 months to receive any money from the dss and when i did it was to start on 13th june 2005 and they refused to tell me why they would not pay me for the 6 weeks prior to that. this led to 4 months of lies from my tenant about having meetings with the dss etc to get the money off them. i still havent seen it and no doubt never will. i am currently trying to evict her.

      im sure many landlords have no problems with hb tenants and getting money from the dss but i have had plenty and i have quickly understood why rented property is often advertised as 'NO DSS' - never again!!!


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        Don't forget that even if you receive the tenant's Housing Benefit as a direct payment you could be liable for clawback of money paid to you if the tenant misinforms the Benefits Office of things like income or if he shares the property with someone else?

        If intending to accept a Benefits Claimant it is wise to get a letter signed from the tenant giving you authority to discuss the claim with the Benefits Office and for the Benefits Office to advise you concerning the claim on current or future enquiries form yourself as landlord.
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          I was paid HB from the date I told the council that the tenant was in arrears. This was a few weeks after the magical 8 weeks. I was told that money already paid to the tenant could not also be paid to me (which I understand). Your case is a bit different as, if HB not yet paid to tenant because of office delays you should get it from the point at which the tenants would have fallen 8 weeks into arrears I would suspect. Worth keeping on and on at them and threatening a formal complaint if they don't help you.
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