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    The tenant has left the key thro the letter box, but he has left various items including a bike- which may be worth a few pounds and a glass table and some smaller items. Would I be entitled to sell above, how long do I have to wait? I will contact his parents to let him know they have been left behind. 2 window keys have "disappeared" which were there earlier when I called to read the meters, some minor damage and ignition knob broken on the gas hob. cleaning required. I have a bond but that will counteract some of the rent he owes me, is it in order to add an amount to the final account for above?

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    Surrendering the keys might be considered to be termination on behalf of the tenant but not necessarily. You must keep the tenant's possessions for at least 60 days but you can charge him storage.

    I would write to him at his parent's address giving him reasonable time to collect his belongings, or you will sell them to offset rent arrears.

    I doubt whether you will hear from him again but he could kick up a stink if he knows his law!
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