Tenant's cohabitant is drug dealer

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    Tenant's cohabitant is drug dealer

    This is a question a new member has emailed me! .. I don't know what name they have registered under but they managed to find my email address! .. Here is the email with my response!!

    Hi justaboutsane,
    I am a new subscriber to Landlord Zone and was hoping to get some advice via the forum section. So far I have been unable to post my question but in the attempt I came across your contact email. So I wonder if you might be able to help or direct me to someone who can. This is my dilemma, as a fairly new landlord half way through my second year with my first problem, with a tenant who moved in 18th November 2005 -

    "I first began to realise that there may be problems with my female tenant about 3 weeks ago when I tried to make arrangements for necessary repairs to be done. With relief I collected the rent the day before yesterday - in cash a week overdue from her boyfriend at the property. At this meeting I ascertained that my tenant seems to have left, leaving a very unsuitable unemployed boyfriend in residence dealing drugs from the property. The neighbours can supply cctv footage and tell me that they have no doubt that this character was beating up my tenant which is why I surmise that she has moved out although neither she or the boyfriend have told me this. She is very difficult to contact having told me that she is staying with her mother as there have been family problems. However I can ring or visit her at work. The boyfriend is also keeping a dog at the property which is against the rental contract. At the moment he thinks that I am just a stupid woman who has no idea what is really going on which suits me fine until I can find out the legalities of the situation and advice on the best way to deal with it. At least the rent is being paid, next payment due 18th March. Obviously I want the property vacated by both of them. Please can you help or tell me who could. Thank you in anticipation."

    You really need to post this on the forum, I can only answer your queries from experience.. and what I say may not be correct! There are many people on the site who can give you better answers!

    My thoughts would be to issue a section 21 now to expire at the end of the fixed term. Address it to your tenant and send it from two post offices and get receipts. Also try and contact her and ask for an address... or maybe even a letter saying she has vacated the property. This way you should be able to evict the boyfriend as a squatter. .. I will post this on your behalf and see what responses you get!

    With regards to the Drug dealing... have the neighbours informed the Police of his actions?? They may be able to arrest him giving you the chance to change the locks (If the tenant has relinquished in WRITING her rights to the property)

    Anyone else got an answer??
    GOVERNMENT HEALTH WARNING: I am a woman and am therefore prone to episodes of PMT... if you don't like what I have to say you can jolly well put it in your pipe and SMOKE IT!!

    Oh and on a serious note... I am NOT a Legal person and therefore anything I post could be complete and utter drivel... but its what I have learned in the University called Life!

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