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    Inventory 2005

    I took an AST with a LL firstly in 2005. At that time an agent was providing the landlord with full management of the property. I was given an Inventory by the agent who informed me that I should go through it and add any detail. I did this, signed and returned it. I did not receive back a copy of the Inventory I had signed. They did provide me with two copies initially so I have a copy of the Inventory that is unsigned.

    The LL ceased their arrangement with the agent after 6 months. I have taken a new AST with them annually since that time.

    Since informing LL that I will not be taking a further AST - things have become quite sour. No Inventory was done in relation to subsequent AST i.e since 10/05.

    My question is does the Inventory from 2005 still stand as a representation of the condition of the property??

    The LL is highlighting issues that I gained consent (not written) from the agent to carry out back in 2005.

    Any views??

    The inventory is what it is - a report on the condition of the property in 2005. (As the only copy which has your signature also has your annotations, your annotations are valid, whether you possess a copy or not - LL will have to produce the copy signed by you in the case of a dispute). Another inventory check should be carried out at the end of the tenancy, preferably by the same company who did the first. Ideally, you should be present for this.

    You are liable for damage which is present in the 2009 inventory which was not present in the 2005 inventory, e.g. things like cigarette burns in the carpet which weren't there when you moved in. You are not liable for reasonable wear and tear, e.g. things like slight scuffs to paintwork which are to be expected over a four year period.

    You may also be liable for some cleaning, depending on what it says in your AST, e.g. it may say that you have to clean the windows periodically and, if they were clean when you moved in, then you must either arrange for them to be cleaned yourself before you move out, or accept a deduction from your deposit for window cleaning.

    If you have made alterations without the LL's consent, and cannot show that you had permission, then it is inevitable the LL will raise this issue. Even though the agent was managing the property at the time, he was not authorized to give you consent for alterations without obtaining permission from the LL. He may have said "oh I'm sure that'll be all right" but unfortunately this doesn't mean you had permission.


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