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    Tenant notice periodic AST

    I had a 12 month AST with my landlord that expired two years ago, now every year I sign a one page contract that states that the contract is a periodic AST and that the terms are as in the originally agreed contract except that I must give 2 months notice.

    I understand that the statutory requirement is that I give one month notice that must end at the end of a rental period. Must I give 2 months notice and leave at the end of a rental period (although my one page contract does not specify this) or is two months notice leaving at the end of the two months sufficient?

    e.g. I pay my rent on the 28th of the month could I give notice on 15th March to leave on the 15th May or must I stay until 28th May?


    Please try using the search facility with the keywords as this question is asked so often. You only have to read the archive stuff, and look for other info from the home page for everything you need!
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      Paul does the fact that "I sign a one page contract that states that the contract is a periodic AST" make it a contractual periodic and if so so can a contractual clause in that case impose 2 months notice?


        3rd year of AST - can he get out?

        A friend of mine needs some help and has asked me (great) as I am a IT Contract Manager for a large IT organisation!

        I have read the AST contract and it looks like they can not get out of the agreement. However, having spent the last two-hours on this site and now I'm not so sure, I wonder if you could help out.

        Essentially the story is:

        Moved into property on Sept 2002 joint and several arrangement agreement with 3 tenants and landlord.

        The last agreement for the same property (13 pages) has an “initial term” of 12 months from 01 Oct 2005 to 30 Sept 2006.

        My friend wants to get out due to economic reasons and the other tenants will also be moving with him.

        I can’t see anyway out of this due to signing a new agreement for another 12 months.

        Any ideas on this.




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