What rights do I get with Holding deposit paid?

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    What rights do I get with Holding deposit paid?


    I've got a question regarding a holding deposit.
    Me and my partner and our 3 year old were about to move to a rented property on Friday but today ( three days before!! ) I got a phone call from agent saying that it will not be possible. Apparently the house that our LL was going to bought got flooded and since they have nowhere to go we can not move in.

    We paid a holding deposit one month ago and provided all documents and ref's but we were going to sing a contract tomorrow.
    We can't stay at the place that we rent at the moment and since it's only 3 days left we have no chances whatsoever to find another place.

    So basically my question is DO WE HAVE ANY TENANTS RIGHTS since we haven't sign any contract? Is an agent responsible for providing us other place? or compensation for this situation ?
    the biggest issue is that we have a little baby and have no where to go at the moment....:[

    Thank you for any advise...


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