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    Rights of access

    several months ago I rented a flat in a house where there were two other people renting rooms,at the time of the letting The Landlord filled in a Housing Benitfit form stating that I had full use of the flat,conservetory and garden,that no other person residing in the house shared my property, (this being done to insure that the landloard received maxiumn housing benifit for my letting.) The landlord stated that although the conservetory and garden were mine,he would like me to allow his other two tennants reasonable access to the washing machine and the garden for the purpose of using the drying line,I stated that I had no problem with this providing that access was limited to agreed times, as access to the conservetory,washing machine,garden,drying line could only be affected through my living room/kitchen.

    The position is that now there are five people renting rooms in the house and the landlord is insisting that I give five people the right of way through my flat inorder to use the washing machine/drying line and full usage of the garden and that as there is only one bathrom/toilet for the use of the five people renting room,I allow usage of the toilet situated in the conservetory.

    I stated to the landlord that this was not acceptable as I was not prepared to allow five people access to my flat nor right of wy through my livingroom/kitchen. I pointed out to the landloard that housing benifit was being paid based on the fact that a claim had been made stating that my flat was self contained,that I shared with no other member of the household,that my flat comprised of a bedroom,kitchenbathroom,toilet,conservetory and garden.
    The landlords reply was as follows. I was go to the housing benifits office and have the details on the claim form to state that you do not have sole rights to the conservertory,second toilet or garden. I replied tat I doubted very much if the benifits office would allow this but should they do so,the amount of housing benifit paid would be reduced accordingly. I was then informed that should this happen the landloard would require that I make up the shortfall out of my own pocket,as I am on a pension this would cause me hardship.

    Hoping that someone out there can advise,

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