Can a tenant be charged for cable TV?

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  • Can a tenant be charged for cable TV?

    Hello, my first post, small thing but still...
    Could anyone suggest whether I [the tenant] can be charged for the cable TV I do not need/use/want. I do not watch any TV here whatsoever [believe it or not - internet is enough ]? And I:

    -live in a shared house [4 tenants tot]
    -TV and cable TV is in common area - sitting room
    -I agree to pay TV license [shared house=shared bills],
    -I am NOT prepared to pay for cable TV
    -signed Short Hold Tenancy, which only mentions bills like water, gas, electricity and also this: "...the amount of all charges made for the use of the telephone [if any] on the Property during the tenancy or a proper proportion of the amount of the rental or other recurring charges to be assessed according to the duration of the tenancy."

    Can the underlined text refer to cable TV? If so, what else it can refer to?

    Many thanks

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    Was the cable TV installed before you signed the tenancy agreement and/or before you moved in, or has it been added since?

    Do the other tenants want it, or do they share your views?


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      It [the cable TV] was there before and at least one long term tenant wants it badly, other 2 tenants a very rarely at home, I do not even know what they think.


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        Could therefore the cable TV be regarded as one of the established other recurring charges ?

        Was anything mentioned on advertisements or in discussions or letters from the landlord explaining what these other recurring charges might be?

        Is the charge so high that , even if you are in the right not to pay, it is worth disrupting your new community and a potentially good landlord tenant relationship?
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          If there is no current cable subscription, then in my opinion it would be almost impossible for you to be forced to pay for it. And I thinkthe other posters may be missing the point slightly, unless I am - I am guessing it is a tenant wanting it installed, not the landlord, which is what others seem to think?
          Any posts by myself are my opinion ONLY. They should never be taken as correct or factual without confirmation from a legal professional. All information is given without prejudice or liability.


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            Who got the cable installed i.e. in who's name is the bill in. They are the ones who are responsible for paying the bill as they have the contract with the cable company.

            There is probably a bundled offer of TV/Phone if its NTL or Telewest. Thing is they normally throw in the line rental of the phone or they say they do but it's normally about £10.50 a month. Which you could pay a proportion of if you use the phone.

            I would say if you don't want to ever watch it then it's not your responsibility they can't force you to pay it. If one of the tenants wants it so bad they will have to pay for it as it's in their name. If they want to leave it in the shared area that's up to them but they could easily just move the box to their own room.


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              Thanks to everyone for your advice.
              Yes, MrShed, it is a tenant wanting it badly, landlords are in long good relationship with him so they on his side I guess, but it can be open to discussion. And yes, Worldlife, you perhaps right, it does not cost so high to risk spoiling good mood in the house. Thanks for reminding me this importaint point. [But I still would rather donate those pounds/month to charity other than my housemate's TV needs].
              It was not mentioned in advert/discussions. Just now it came up, after 4 months. I should have checked...
              The other tenant presses that the cable TV is in common room, therefore it belongs to "house bills" which we all agree to pay. I just thought to myself maybe I will have my broadband socket in that room and we all share the use and the cost? What's the difference anyway?
              I just wanted to understand whether cable TV can belong to other "house bills" or it is more like a phone - for individual use.
              Thanks to all.


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                Originally posted by FlyBy
                [But I still would rather donate those pounds/month to charity other than my housemate's TV needs.
                Please...don't tell me you would donate the money you would receive from the cable tv fees to charity.....?


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                  Yong Yeng:
                  Please...don't tell me you would donate the money you would receive from the cable tv fees to charity.....?
                  This is a graphic expression, meaning that I know of better ways to spend those monies. And why not to a charity? The saivings could let me donate more, so why not try to save? My way of life permits that, but this is a subject of another forum or personal discussion.
                  I will try to keep nice mood in the house...
                  Thanks for all once again.


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