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    Notice requiring possesion help

    HI there,I have been reading through various posts and wonder if you could please help me.
    Ok i received a notoce requiring possesion dating 31st March with expiry on 3rd June on an AST periodic tenancy 3rd September 2008!!! The landlady wants to move backin here from Spain

    ok on the letter on the front page it says my contract will not be renewed when it expires after the 03 september 2008
    !! This i only noticed on Friday as a quickglance when I recieved it I thought, OH well they not renewing Ive got plenty of time,this was the letter from the agent. So you can imagine my shock when they said,ermno its the 3rd June!!

    So I have found somewhere else for me and my baby daughter to go and I can move in on Wednesday buuuuut the question is, will the LL let me go early, have I got any rights??
    They got the paperworkwrong (no apology)
    the oven has been condemed since Friday andnot fixed,they said oh well nothing we can do as its bank holiday i will have to wait til after.

    My new LL said he would wait 2 weeks max but would prefer us to move in as soon as.

    Sorry if this is a bit garbled,imnot very good at explaining things andima tad stressed at the mo

    Pease give me some good news .

    Ive begged the agents to let me go early and they said they would ask her but i am obliged to stay here through contract even though she has brought notice sooner? also i could say that if she doesnt let me goI could be extra difficult and stay til she gets a court order.

    I feel so stuck, I just want to live in peace with my daughter.

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  • Reply to Ending contracts
    by ash72
    You should be able to leave the contract, if there isn't anyone living there and you don't want them to find another T, then they don't make any money. But read any contract you signed.

    You should read the comments in this forum about renting to friends and family - just don't do it.
    21-05-2022, 14:57 PM
  • Ending contracts
    by Pineapple288
    2 questions. I rent my BTL property through a letting agent. The current tenant has handed notice in. Am I right in saying I can now leave this letting agent?

    Second question, the.reason I'm leaving the agent is because a very good friend of mine would like to rent he property. If she wants...
    21-05-2022, 11:59 AM
  • Reply to Noise from rented property
    by DPT57
    Interesting, but it sounds like the university is definitely exceeding its authority and a clued up student could easily challenge any sanction they tried to impose.
    21-05-2022, 14:47 PM
  • Noise from rented property
    by zcacogp

    I have a question to which I suspect I know the answer, but I'll ask it anyway.

    We live in a house whose garden backs onto other gardens. One of those houses is let to a group of students.

    The students are given to making noise in their garden, particularly...
    18-05-2022, 11:36 AM
  • Reply to Ending contracts
    by DoricPixie
    As Artful says, you'll need to read your contract with the letting agency to see how and when the contract can be terminated.

    It seems more likely that your friend signed a new 12 month fixed term contract in January than the the tenancy agreement having an abnormally...
    21-05-2022, 14:02 PM
  • Reply to None UK Wife Joining Tenant on a Period Agreement
    by Mldn
    To conclude with an update:
    Landlords in this position strongly advised to speak to Home Office Landlord Visa section in the first instance. You many experience a 'to-ing and fro-ing' between that section and the Landlords 'Right to Rent' section. See what they both say. They should both be advising...
    21-05-2022, 13:58 PM
  • None UK Wife Joining Tenant on a Period Agreement
    by Mldn
    My tenant has been on a periodic agreement since September 2016. He has been a good tenant. His partner who was with him when he first rented left the property and was not replaced.
    He is now on a periodic agreement. I have not raised the rent since September 2016.

    He has explained...
    06-05-2022, 12:34 PM
  • Reply to Whatever happened to the tidal wave of evictions?
    by SouthernDave
    mr Khan is a moron...
    21-05-2022, 13:53 PM
  • Whatever happened to the tidal wave of evictions?
    by jpkeates
    The latest government figures for possession claims have been published, which cover January through March 2022.
    That's post Covid restrictions and would probably include most of the last of the Covid backlog.

    And there's no sign of the massive wave of evictions and resulting mass...
    19-05-2022, 10:46 AM
  • Reply to Section 21 During Contract Period
    by DPT57
    I think there's some date confusion above. If your 6 month fixed term tenancy began on 9 December, then it ends on 8 June. If you leave by midnight on that day then there will be no penalty or advance notice required. If you stay beyond this time a statutory periodic tenancy will arise. S5(5) of the...
    21-05-2022, 13:34 PM