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  • theartfullodger
    Dear Mr Landlord

    The xxxx does work with yyyy faults. This letter confirms my telephone call reporting the issue at hh:mm on DD/mm/YY. Please let me know what steps you will be taking and if I may help in any way.

    The problem is/is not a health/safety/stone me I am freezing issue which is/is not affecting my health & happiness.


    Mr B Tenant..


    Sent recorded, signed for to the LL & Agent if there is an agent. Keep a copy & of signed acceptance of letter (c/o Mssrs Royal Mail.)

    The first letter ain't the problem. Issue is if it still don't get fixed..

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  • Beeber
    started a topic Tenant Repair Form

    Tenant Repair Form

    I've had a search on the site and internet and haven't identified a suitable template to facilitate tenants reporting repairs to the landlord.

    This is to prevent the cycle of one line emails saying 'x doesn't work' and subsequent visits which then identify that the tenant has taken no proper steps to investigate it and there is no actual fault, apart from their ignorance in how to operate an appliance or change a timer or fuse.

    Any advice on content or links to templates would be appreciated.

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