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    Landlords in Scotland to register ALL properties

    For landlords, like myself who are based in Scotland, every rental property owned needs to be registered with the local council by March 31st 2006. All housing legislation is now a devolved issue and this law has come from the Scottish Parliament.

    The cost for a landlord to register is £55 and then £11 per property. If you have properties in more than one local authority area, you will have to pay a reduced registration fee and £11 per property. The £55 figure is paid to the council where you have most properties.

    This is legislation, which one very vocal MSP has pushed for and each of the 32 local authorities are not happy with the increased administation.

    There will be a website launched near the end of February where you can register the properties and pay on-line or wait for the council to invoice you. Suggest that you wait to be invoiced as the administraion of this will be a long process.


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