unclear! uncompromising? Landlord

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    unclear! uncompromising? Landlord


    I wonder if anyone could give me advice?

    I have recently been given 2 months notice by my landlord, who, while serving the notice said that, "the landlandy is eager to move back in and so there is no problem if we want to move out before the 2 months is up."

    After 2 weeks searching I managed to find somewhere to move into and got back to the landlord saying we can move out in 2 weeks, so effectively 1 month after he has served me 2 months notice. Idealistically I think.. I can then stop paying the rent a month early and landlady gets to move in a month early.. all happy..

    He says now quotes at me, "you are legally bound to cover the rent for two months notice period as per the Tenancy Agreement". So now i am stuck between two rental places with a month overlap.

    I know you could say i was a bit naive about "taking his word", but assumed he would not expect another months rent here. the landlady is eager to get back in.

    He now tells me, "I would suggest we try to reach a suitable compromise to resolve this matter."

    how can i be sure he means this? can a compromise be legally binding addendum to the tenancy agreement? as, if we came to a "suitable compromise" he may then try and claim my deposit by saying i haven't paid the final months rent!?

    many thanks for any advice

    if you have been served a Section 21 Notice this means that the landlord requires the property back by "x" date - you do not have to give any notice.

    Have a search on here for Section 21 notices and you will see lots of threads relating to this matter.


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