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    Section 8

    We have tenants who are 5 months in to a 12 month contract and have been a PITA from day one. Constant complaints about noise, police visits, he has been carted off by police on more than one occasion. To say they have a strange and volatile relationship is the understatement of the year !!!!
    Environmental Health have been involved since the outset, being called out, out of hours - have issued an Abatement Notice with a threat to pursue legal action if this is breached. Over the weekend there were further disturbances which has resulted in the abatement notice being invoked so that Environmental Health are going to prosecute.
    From the outset, the neighbour has kept a diary of disturbances, police visits etc etc.

    I believe we can issue a Section 8 notice based on breach of the tenancy due to the noise, disturbances etc but have never in 6 years had to do this so wondered:
    a) Can we as the agents complete the Sec 8 Notice
    b) Basically what happens after the notice has been served
    c) What is the likelihood of the judge awarding possession
    d) What is the time frame involved
    e) Is a court hearing necessary and if so is it necessary to employ a solicitor and if so the likely cost

    Thank you


    Yes- serve s.8 Notice on grounds 12 and 14 at least (but both are only discretionary).
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