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  • PaulF
    Look at many other threads on this subject about TDS and Inventories on the forum. There is plenty to go on believe me.

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  • allfedup
    started a topic Landlord dispute

    Landlord dispute

    Hi - I hope someone can help
    We have recently left the property but our landlord has refused to return any of our deposit.

    It appears that when we moved in and paid our deposit this was two weeks before it became law for him to pay this into the govt scheme. Our tenancy agreement did not specify that he had to do this. However, on renewal of the agreement (six monthly) the agreement (now we have examined them) does state that the landlord agrees to pay this into a scheme.

    He has not done this at all. Can we legally fight this even though the original deposit paid was outside the scheme (although it was retained through each renewal).

    No entry inventory was done but he is claiming damage up to the value of the deposit held. We did no damage - there was just the usual wear and tear which you would expect for a period of 2 years (and we have photos to prove it).

    Really tired of it and very fed up.


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