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    DPS very slow!

    Has anyone else found the DPS to be very slow...have just waited 10 days for a form to come back through the post, certain things can't be done online so this really buggers things up.
    Also to wait up to 6 weeks for deposits to come back is well out of order.
    I'm wondering if it's one of these agencies that is still in it's infant stage and still learning and maybe will get faster, or is this the way it's going to be.
    Tenants are screaming their heads off at having to wait an average of two weeks to get their deposits back.

    I have to say that the main deciding factor in me selecting mydeposits is that I keep control of the money. With DPS being free does not sway me at all.


      Not as bad as TDS..

      Just received a judgement, which I think is poor, and that has taken nearly 6 months I think!!


        Have to agree DPS is slow - had the same problem receiving forms. On more than one occasion we have had to ask 3 times for forms. Which is just another reason why we are looking in to joining the TDS.



          [QUOTE=Wickerman;130504]Their learning curve is like Everest. I took them.... how long.... 6 months?.... to realise that you need forwarding addresses for tenants. Because generally if a tenant wants the deposit back, they have moved out. So why do the still send the paperwork off to the property they lived in???

          They also changed their policy to accept multiple deposits from tenants if its a joint tenant. Initially a lead tenant was required - now they accept more than one deposit for a joint AST. As far as I know this fundamental change to their T&Cs was not publicised.

          They still require the monthly rent amount which is beyond their remit

          Bad isn't it, remind me again why the government changed to this scheme.


            they are ALL slow arent they? we are dealing with the TDS which resulted from a dispute from December 08, finally had a decision but now the head case examiner has disagreed with whatever that decision was, im not going to hold my breath....it'll be another 6 months for sure!


              Well it's not good enough, if we are made by law to use this system it should at least be workable.


                10 days......lucky you!

                I have just had a deposit transferred into our account with them that took them 5 months to deal with.

                I am sorting out another for a client which has been going on since July 2008 - we log every call and they still deny discussing the matter with anyone.....

                I only used DPS when we set up a new agency whilst waiting for TDS to be approved so thank god I only have about 10 deposits registered with them but its 10 too many in my opinion!

                bloody useless......sometimes feel like driving to Bristol (only 45 mins) to get it sorted!


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