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    Advice required for newbie

    Hello all - first post from a newbie who has got tenant problems!

    I got married a few months ago and my wife an I bought a place together. I could not sell my place so I rented it out. I got a tenant but am now having problems!

    Rent paid - quarterly (yes quarterly not monthly - long story).

    Tenancy started - September 08

    Rent paid for first quarter and then for next two months. I am now owed rent for March and also April. There has been a dispute over some compensation he says he is owed cos there was leak that damaged his bed - I said tough. I fixed the leak when he mentioned it and it was up to him to get his own insurance. I am certain he is trying to freeload on his rent.

    Tenancy agreement has now rolled over to a periodic agreement cos I was too busy at the time to deal with the expired tenancy - now realise this was an error on my part.

    This is what I plan to do but I'd be grateful if you wiser ones could tell me if I've done the right thing.

    1. The tenant has been a bit of a pain and I want him out. So I am planning on serving him notice. This will have to be three months notice as it is a periodic tenancy with a quarterly rental payment.

    2. In the meantime I will send him the relevant rent arrears letters but if I get nowhere I will serve a section 8 notice on him. That way I get a court to determine he owes me money and I may even be able to evict him sooner.

    Does the above make sense - or have I got something wrong.

    Thanks in advance for the help.

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