section 8 and 21 is this the only way

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    section 8 and 21 is this the only way

    Hi every one,l have a problem,first yes we where stupid,We built a new extention to our house for my father,sadly we lost him,it is joined to my existing house by way of 2 doors,last april a friend of my husbands was in trouble,and asked us if he could rent the new part of my house and we agreed,paperwork with tenancy agreement was offered,but he did not sign,once he was in,he decided to tell us that he was seeking benfits to pay rent,the council asked if we would offer a tenacy we said yes,they then felt he was getting to much money,and turn him down.13 months later we have not recieved a penny for rent,and every time we have asked for rent,we been accussed of all sorts,harassment ect,we have got a company involved and they have served a 2 weeks notice on him,which runs out in a week,then its court action,we knew he replaced our new door locks last year and bolts where fitted to our interior doors,my extention is being used as a zoo,with his 6 large dogs,running and living in my upstairs bedrooms,my husband feels this is our house and he want to get him out,our we in our rights,when he is out to change our locks,or is there some other way.the tenacy is classed as a oral ast,but as this is my house is he just a unwelcome quest?

    We need to figure out whether this person is a tenant or a lodger. Please answer these questions:
    1. Do you own and live in the house with the extension?
    2. Is this a self-contained flat with its applicable council tax and utility bills? Or are the bills in the landlord's name for the property as a whole?
    3. Do the occupants share a kitchen or bathroom with the landlord?

    If it turns out that this person is merely a lodger, then you can probably make him leave with a relatively short notice period. If it turns out that this person is a tenant, then you'll need a court order to evict.


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