How Long am i Requred by Law to give Notice?

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    How Long am i Requred by Law to give Notice?

    My Name is Ruthy and i have a big problem and will appreciate it if someone could please offer an advice or help me out.
    We rented a house that we paid 1300 for 12 months with a 6 months break thing. Sorry i dont know alot about this housing terms. Am ignorant but i think the landlord is wrong here. Ok back to my Story, we have 6 months break clause, i understand to mean that we can leave after 6 months if we want without completing the 12 months term.

    The house had a lot of problems with heating and water licking in the bathroom, we got tired of ringing the landlord to come and fix things, and after fixing, same thing happens again. so we decided to grab out 6 months break thing and move.

    In the contract it says that we have to give 2 months Notice to the landlord before we can move, but we gave only one month notice, now the landlord want us to pay him another 1300 to compensate for not given the 2 months notice as stated in our contract. we have moved since 29th Febuary and he has refused to give his Id to the despoist protection to release our deposit. I think the law says we give only one month Notice not 2?

    We didnt have inventory in the house and now he has come up with this claim now that we left a dent in the kitchen worktop and that he will fix it for 450 pounds. he also got new tenants there now who moved in on the 15th of March. We have been model Tenants, has paid him his rents in time and all 1300 by direct debit. i dont like that he is keeping the deposit protect to release or money. Maybe i got it all wrong, i dont know. can someone please help me? what does the law says about giving notices and how long?
    Thanks alot

    If the break clause states two months notice then that's what's required.

    The inventory is another matter entirely and if you were not presented with one at the outset then the L will not be able to prove an awful lot if any dispute goes to adjudication.

    You can still aprroach the deposit protection scheme even if the landlord refused to co-operate and explain your circumstances, but you will not get it back until the tenancy has ended.
    The advice I give should not be construed as a definitive answer, and is without prejudice or liability. You are advised to consult a specialist solicitor or other person of equal legal standing.


      The "water licking in the bathroom" must have been very inconvenient.

      Did the slurpy noise keep you up at night?


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        Why "in light of the minimal tenancy paperwork" do you think you will have a difficult time retrieving the money owed from the tenant?

        As above, check the Section 21 is valid, see link to flow chart below. If the Section 21 is valid and the tenant is still in the property then...
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        My property portfolio has always been managed by agents, originally through necessity (I was a long way away), latterly through choice (I don't want to be available 24/7). I use small independent agencies and I keep them on a tight rein - but it works for me! I like to have that distance between me...
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        Another vote for sell unless being a landlord is something you are particularly interested in doing. Yes, you can use a letting agency to manage the lets but ultimately the buck stops with you and in my experience a lot of letting agencies out there are pretty crap. Plus as a higher rate tax payer...
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        Ok before you even consider what the agent did or did not do you need to get a handle on exactly what the tenancy says, if the s21 was valid and what the intentions of YOUR tenant are, you need them out asap, a lot of agents are utterly useless, are you located far away from the property and is that...
        25-01-2022, 15:58 PM
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        The work that they do would effectively be rent.
        But the letting rules for agricultural workers are different - but that's about the extent of my knowledge.
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        Unless you've always wanted to be a landlord, I'd sell them and use the money to do something different.

        Being a landlord at some distance is not easy, and being a landlord isn't all gravy either.
        It's not something to do just because an opportunity comes up.
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