Served s.8 Notice; T moving out; how to collect arrears?

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  • Malone

    It now looks like she has moved out ie the neighbours have seen her packing up a van and her cat has gone.

    Where do I stand legally with re-enteriny my house? Is there a protocol I need to follow? I am worried we will be there with a locksmith and get in and she will still be there. If that happened what would I do?


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  • Served s.8 Notice; T moving out; how to collect arrears?

    We served a section 8 on our T and she is now 3 months in arrears. Over the bank holiday weekend she has started to move out. There are still a few pieces of furniture of hers in our property.

    She changed the locks when she refused to pay the rent. I want to know when we can go in and change them and reclaim our house? I want to make sure I follow correct procedure after being so patient by serving the section 8.

    Also I dont want her to get away with oweing us 3 months rent - what is the process for going through small claims court? I know I will probably never get the money back but I want her to get a CCJ for what she has done. I have got her next of kin (her mother's) address.

    Also how do I get her desposit out of the protection scheme without her co-operation?

    Any help would be great. I want to make sure she doesnt keep doing this and getting away with it!

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