Who has the power to serve s.8 notice on tenant?

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    No LL or agent should make death threats or other kinds of threats homelessgirl.

    I have recently had to approach a solicitor as our LL has been doing things so we feel so uncomfortable we leave earlier than we should. We are in court at endex April for a S8 as the local council refusing to pay HB - even though the Ombudsmen says they are in the wrong lol!


      Thanks for all the responses and advise. I have written a letter - in which i attached our notice that we are leaving previously sent to the Managing Agency - and sent it registered post to the registered landlady whom i have never met - as I feel that she is the person i should notify that we are moving out and also to try and resolve the issue with regards to arrears rent (although i don't feel like paying a penny due to all the hassles and stress they've put us through!). I am hoping that maybe I will get a response out of her seeing that no one else is communicating with us. I have NEVER come across such unprofessional people - both the letting agents and the managing agents!


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