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    Landlords liability question

    Guys - quick question

    Just about to get a tenant in via a Corporate Let (i.e. corporate will be signing the tenancy agreement). The property is leasehold so is insured by the leaseholder, and contents will be covered by the tenant.

    Question: If the property was to be uninhabitable (e.g. fire, flood or other), then is the corporate/tenant liable to claim from the landlord (i.e. me) to cover the cost of rehousing elsewhere?

    Thanks in advance


    1. Call owner L, the company C, and the occupier X.
    2. L lets to C (non-AST Agreement, 'A1'). C sub-lets to X (perhaps AST, 'A2').
    3. Under A1, there will usually be a rent suspension clause. If the property is uninhabitable because of an insured risk occurring other than due to C, C is free- for the time being- of rent payment obligation. L claims on own insurance policy.
    4. L has little control over A2 once it begins, so A1 should restrict how C can sub-let to X.
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