DPS - to use arbitration or not

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  • DPS - to use arbitration or not

    I know that not using arbitration if claiming the deposit back through the DPS was mentioned on here previously, has anybody actually tried this?

    I am going down the single claim route for a few deposits and one of the stipulations on the single claim statutory declaration is that you have to agree to binding arbitration.
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    DPS paperwork is very clever - it does not make clear that once you have completed a Statutory Declaration in back-up of your claim, you have accepted their arbitration process. i am never going to use arbitration again... unless i can agree with the tenant on move-out day and we each sign a document ending the tenancy - i am going to let the tenant take me to court as i think DPS is waaay to in favour of tenants and not landlords

    i evicted a tenant last year, they did not arrange royal mail forwarding, i did not have a forwarding address for them - and after 3-4 months i eventually got all the deposit back as they had not replied to any of the letters from DPS - my view is that they should have arranged for their own mail-forwarding


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