Warning to those who have lodgers

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  • Warning to those who have lodgers

    My lovely, cheerful young lodger lost his job because his company made cutbacks. He told me he had applied for housing benefit but had been told it would probably take ages to come through, but would all be backdated.

    One day he said the council was going to send an inspector/officer round to check up on the househare situation, bills etc. In due course the doorbell rang and I sent the youngish man with a clipboard upstairs to interview my lodger. Later my lodger saw him out, smiled at me and assured me it couldn't be much longer now, they'd soon sort out the rent owed. I looked forward to the lump sum.

    Over the next couple of weeks my lodger started selling his possessions to get money to live on, and to send his daughter Xmas presents. I got used to seeing his hi-fi, TV, gaming equipment, computer etc leaving the house one by one.

    Then one day I returned from a day out to find his room cleared, his keys on the table. He'd done a runner, owing me £600.

    A few days later a letter addressed to him arrived. As it was from the council I opened it. It was asking him to complete and return the housing benefit forms they had given him.

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    This one reason it is best to always take a deposit and use a bloody good aplication form before anyone moves in which should have on it

    full name
    present address
    present l/l details
    NI No
    car details
    place of work
    next of kin
    bank details

    If you can get that you have a awful amount of good info to track someone down at a later date.


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      Indeed. Good advice. I held a £280 (month) deposit from him. But his arrears were £880 , hence £600 loss.

      His previous address was another houseshare. Place of work, well, he was unemployed. No car. I never had his ex-wife's address, it didn't seem my business to ask.

      I have his NINO and DOB, but cannot think of how that can help me now. With all authorities refusing to divulge any "private" information like where he is now. Any ideas how I can convert his NI number into a method of contacting him?


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        I'm sorry, I don't know the answer to your question but you may find this related thread (and the conclusions reached) interesting:

        'Pause you who read this, and think for a moment of the long chain of iron or gold, of thorns or flowers, that would never have bound you, but for the formation fo the first link on one memorable day'. Charles Dickens, Great Expectations


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          I believe tracing companies can use a NI number to help track someone down.
          Dont know how though.


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            Ladylady, you should have acted much more quickly. Your lodger left owing £600 - no way!

            I have lodgers. Simply remember that they are there at your invitation. If they forget whose home it is or pay late (one or two days at most) the invitation is over. Suggest that you have as short a notice period as possible - one week.


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