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  • entitlement to refund of rent

    Advice gratefully received!
    I had tenant move into property in middle of a April.Paid half a months rent which we agreed and then paid monthly in advance thereafter.Lease agreement was,nt signed until 3rd of June expiring on 30/11/08.tenant wrote saying he didn,t want to renew his tenancy but did not date the letter or offer a date to move out.Rent was paid at beginning of Oct for month.The mother then called asking if he could move out on 19th to which i agreed as they had paid until end of the month.There was no mention of having rent refunded.
    Now father is threatening a claim against through small claims court for £170 which he reckons we are due him for 12 days rent.He has counted the 6 months form 19th April-19th Oct.
    I don,t feel i owe him this as rent was payable in advance per calender month .

    I,d be grateful for advice as don,t want this to get any nastier
    Thanks in anticipation

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    My understanding is that you are not obliged to refund any of the rent paid in advance, unless you agreed to do so (as a condition of a surrender, for example). You may find this thread interesting:

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      Thanks for the reply and link you suggested.I feel more confident in declining to refund rent to him now.Just hope to resolve asap.


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