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    tenants names on a contract

    I have some new tenants moving into my flat - a couple, not married - but they want to only put one of their names on the contract. I have always named all tenants on the contract before but can't work out whether it is legally necessary to do this or not. I have a good employer reference (for the man) and a previous landlord reference from them. I'm concerned there could be problems in the future with only one name on the contract - but I'm not sure what kind of problems... what might they be?

    At first they wanted just the woman's name on the contract - she is pregnant and due in August - so I suspected the request was to do with housing benefit. Because of this I told them my contract (AST) stipulates all tenants to be named (though I'm not sure this is in fact true). Their answer to this was to request for the contract to have just the man's name instead. What would the woman's legal status be in the flat if her name isn't on the contract? Can anyone think why they are asking for this?

    Thanks for any advice.

    You need to ask them for their reasons, and be prepared to delve deeper if they are not good enough

    If only one of them is on the contract (lets call them T), only one of them will be liable for the rent. So if T leaves, the other (O) will not be liable for rent; you will need to find T.

    T will be liable for rent until end of fixed term or until they give you a valid notice to quit following with vacant possession.

    O will be a 'permitted occupier'.
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