Who pays for removal costs?

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  • Who pays for removal costs?


    I am a L and I rent out a property to a T. T wants me to remove some furniture. I have no problems with that but should I charge T for the removal costs (ie van hire and petrol)? What about when I want to put the furniture back. Do I charge T again for the cost of shipping back the furniture to the property?

    Please advise.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Its up to you.

    Unless you agreed otherwise prior to letting, you could say to the tenant; no the flat is let as it is, the TA says that you must return it with all the furniture in its original place in same condition (allowing for reasonable wear and tear) , so if you want it out the way you need to remove it yourself and pay storage in damp free conditions etc, replacing it prior to check-out.
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      Suggest that you negotiate who pays what proportion of the removal costs with the tenant. If you cannot agree, the furniture stays in my opinion.

      I don't see any need to bend over backwards. Suppose the tenant leaves in a few months unexpectedly?


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