Agreement unsigned (or inadequately signed): void?

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    AST unsigned by L: a problem re possession proceedings?

    I'm gathering all my paperwork together to back up possession claim and... my agent has forwarded me a copy of the AST without a signature for or on behalf of landlord. Both tenants have signed. My husband remembers attending the agents office and signing paperwork on my behalf.( but cannot remember 100% it was AST or agents letting agreement.) When I queried this with agent, they said that I've got the only copy and that tenants copy would have been signed by agent on my behalf. So what do I do now, submit my AST without signature for landlord or what......


      Don't worry - an AST doesn't even need to be written, so a missing signature isn't anything to worry about.


        Thanks very much, I suppose I'm trying to make sure everything is spot on. before I start filling in forms online. Well, here goes..........


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            Traditional way of doing things:

            Tenant signs a part and hands it to landlord

            Landlord signs a part and hands it to tenant

            Both have what they need in court proceedings.


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