Major damp problem!

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    Major damp problem!

    House had damp on some of the exterior walls when we came to view the house almost a year ago now. We asked the LL to fix certain things before we moved in to the property (e.g. the damp, a light fitting, a broken window etc.) none of which was done. The carpet wasn't even vacuumed and the last tenants had a dog!

    When we asked the previous tenants about the damp they told us the LL had said the problem was with them drying their clothes in the house and not opening the windows, the house comes with a de-humidifier.

    Around 2 months ago we asked the student advice centre if there was anything we could do about it and they arranged for environmental health to come round to examine the house. They concluded that there is a problem with the rendering in the house and that the damp is rising from the foundations and is actually on all of the external walls. They said that they would be in contact with the LL but we have not heard anything from either since.
    We have heard from prospective tenants for next academic year, who has spoken to the couple who look after the properties and have been told that they would be charged extra for a de-humidifier (the LL believes that the one that is in the house was stolen 2 years ago) which in actual fact is only going to make the problem worse via osmosis.

    Basically I want to know if there is any legal action we can now take, we are still being charged full rent which does not really reflect the condition of the house for the duration of the tenancy, and would this be sufficient reason to be able to terminate the contract early if we find somewhere damp free?

    Yes, you can legal take action, but there are costs invloved. Go see CAB.

    Best to negotiate first. Get EH invloved again.


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      damp issues

      I think its vitally important for everyone to understand that there is no such thing as rising damp. It rarely occurs, and when it does, it might be a bit of dampness going one brick above the damp course. EVERY case of rising damp I have ever seen can be explained as condensation, or, as others have said here, other reasons - lack of ventilation, impervious coatings on the inside or outside of the wall - or ground levels too high, blocked gutters and downpipes - have a look at this site which explains it quite well - there are some great pictures of examples of so called rising damp, explained as condensation, or the causes given.. Heritage House - technical explanation of the fraud of rising damp and how to fix it..

      There is also another link on the front page of this site which will give you more information - its worth having a look - they're good fun.

      The problem you may have is that damp is almost always partly caused by the people living in the building - condensation etc - if you shower, and don't open windows, if you have a lot of heat on and don't open windows, close the vents on the double glazing etc - all these things can contribute towards excessive moisture which builds up on the walls and causes condensation, which is then called rising damp.

      Have a look at the link above - also the front page, which has photos of damp situations and shows why its there : Why rising damp doesnt exist, and what it is caused by...

      Hope this helps..


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