Flats' shared bin-room problems- L 'refuses' to remedy!

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  • Flats' shared bin-room problems- L 'refuses' to remedy!

    I have emailed my landlord 3 times and once spoken on the phone about the problems with the shared bin room in my block of 27 flats and I have been ignored on every occasion. The problems I have can be expressed in the following photo (warning: not for the faint hearted!)...

    That was taken last night. By the way behind the left door out of view is a washing machine with a microwave on top of it. Bin men due today but did not remove rubbish and I don't blame them, they'd probably be killed. Large objects have never been removed from the room, it's now gotten to the point where it is inaccessible.

    No one seems to care, including the tenants. I'm at a loss. What are my rights? What action can I take?


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    First of all I would send a letter to the landlord with your concerns. Tell him you would like a reply and know what he intends to do about this. It is always best to have things in writing.


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      Who owns this block of flats? Your immediate landlord, a different private individual, a company, the council?

      I bet your immediate landlord has been (so far) unsuccessfully butting his head against the other 26 flat dwellers.


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        If the poor rubbish disposal is being caused by other tenants that are nothing to do with your landlord or the rubbish is not generated by him, then I feel its outside the scope of his responsibilities, (in the same way that anti-social behaviour by neighbours towards private tenants is actually for the tenants to address directly with neighbours or take action via the council or the police as appropriate).

        Report the bulk refuse problem to your local council for them to address, escalate it through their complaints process or your local MP if you don't get any satisfaction and keep your landlord informed of the problem and how you are dealing with it for his information.


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          Actually, it could be a student bedroom....
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            looks like my adult sons

            (shhh dont tell our LL)


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              Looks like about £100 if put on ebay , to me
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