Condensation/mould in bathroom

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  • Condensation/mould in bathroom

    I am a landlord of an old victorian property.

    about a year ago tenants called me about condesation mould in upstairs bedroom. Tenants admitted to not opening windows due to small child also did not use heating due to cost except to dry clothese on.

    I fitted new air bricks and sent glazing company round 3 times to fit a window catch so window can be opened to max of 2 inches. She missed all appoitmnents.

    They have now contacted enviromental services. My man agent has got a damp company to provide a report suggesting fitting another 6 air bricks to deal with condesation levels. There is also a small area of damp under front window and surprise they recommend a full dpc. Also getting a report from building company to check chimney for flashing or other areas of penetrating damp.

    Now if I have to get this work done, what are my responibilities to tenant. She is also threatening taking me to court over damaged clothes. All threats are from mother of tenant.

    How resonable are ENV Services?

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    First: do LZ seaches for 'mould'/'condensation'/'damp'- there are very many; they should give you an idea as to how best you should proceed.
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