Advice needed, problem tenant how to proceed?

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    Advice needed, problem tenant how to proceed?

    Hi All,

    Long story shot. Tenant been in for 18 months, had problems with rent all te time, came to a head about 6 months ago when they were about 3 months behind. Have since caught up as housing benefit is now paid directly to myself.

    November they gave me 1 month notice to leave. December they then said I neded to give them 2 months notice to leave or LHA won't rehouse them. Not my problem but as requested in January I gave them 2 months (section 21) which expires 13th march.

    2 weeks ago local council wrote to me asking why I gave them notice as they currently had no where to move into (they have no money for a deposit/rent in advance and no references). I spoke to the housing officer and told him the situation where he agreed they were making theirself homeless. I said as I currently did not have a new tenant they could stay as long as their housing benefit is paid directly to myself.

    Friday I get a letter from the council saying they have inspected the property after reports from tenant that it is disrepair. I have had no reports from them myself however. Letter lists heating not working and beyond repair (electric warm air, no idea who has said it's beyond repair), fan light catch in bathroom broke meaning window can not be opened and has caused mould, no opening window in lounge has caused mould (lounge has very large patio doors and has trickle vent installed), hall lights not working (likely bulbs have gone as I have had to replace bulbs for them in the past) and damaged plug sockets (they must have caused said damage).

    Now I'm not prepared to spend any money on the property for these tenants as I've had it with them. I'm going to send in a sparks to sort the sockets/lights so it's safe but that's it till they are out but I have no idea when that will be as it seems they want to move out but don't have the means to do so. They also bitched at me for telling LHA that they asked for the section 21 and that they could stay after it expired. I guess they want to be evicted but only if the LHA will find them somewhere to live which they won't becuase as far as their concerned they already a roof over their heads.

    Should I go back to LHA and tell them the section 21 still stands and they need to be out on the 13th? What would then happen if they don't move out?

    Any advice would be gladly appreciated.

    Spoke with the LHA this morning and told them the situation. We both agreed that the original notice should still stand and as such she should be out 13th March.

    From a legal point of view as I said to the LHA she could stay because she had no where else to go would this affect the orginal section 21? I had put it in writing to the LHA that she could stay after the 13th but did not state the the notice was removed/void.

    If it is void I guess I'd have to serve another section 21?


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