Property Management team slow with response to requests

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    Property Management team slow with response to requests

    Hi all,
    Can I have some help with this please as I am not totally sure what we can do next.

    My client moved into a flat nearly 2 weeks ago. Many problems appeared at check in -
    No key fob arrived with inventory clerk to let us into the gated area of flats, nor did an access code, we had to wait for 15 minutes, then decided to park in local road quite a distance away due to parking permit area and double yellow lines all near flats - near a hospital, as the landlord would be another 30 mins to arrive with gate fob. Letting agents did not seem bothered and said they would find out, they never got back to us on that.
    The settee was ripped at seam - leather settee which has seen better days and near to tear/splitting stage in other places, same as the matching armchair, both items to heavy to lift to find fire label
    Double mattress in main bedroom, lumpy, very aged condition and stained on both sides.
    Numerous marks to all room walls and very patchy appearance
    Many light bulbs not working, all were recessed spotlights, about 16 in total, some have since been fixed about 8 still have not.
    Many crockery/cooking items were not in a usable condition, the clerk had on inventory 3 broken cups with no handles!
    Rusty chopping knives
    Well in use cooking utensils.
    Dirty towels, well past use condition for the linen, very aged, not clean duvets for both bedrooms, stained pillows.

    The were more items but list too long.
    Landlord has said will replace settee/and a mattress for main bedroom and arranged for redecoration and removal of junk items, now says settee can just have a throw to cover rip as it is just cosmetic problem

    Despite my emailing and calling property management team almost daily, the say they are still waiting for quotes - including one for changing light bulbs.

    Where does my client stand on this? Can he get his own mattress and settee and take it off the rent? Bed apparently very uncomfortable to sleep on and he now is staying with friends until it is replaced. He is embarrased about the settee and feels cannot have friends over - if he could let them in to the parking area as despite 7 requests for the gate code we still do not have this either.

    What can he do? Previous tenants were at flat when we viewed it, said it was nice flat, was piled high with their belongings, were sitting on settee and of course I have never had to ask for a bed to be stripped to see if acceptable when viewing property with client.

    It is frustrating for my client who has moved to the UK on a 3 year contract to work, likes the flat as a whole, nice area etc, pays £1075 per month rent on flat but disapointed in service from management to fix things, would stay as tenant for the 3 years if things sorted soon.

    Sorry post so long, this is a short version of some of the problems.

    Originally posted by choices View Post

    Sorry post so long, this is a short version of some of the problems.

    Thank you for posting the shorter version.

    Did your client not notice the major defects when he viewed the property?

    May one ask what kind of client he is - are you his letting agent?
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      No much of the walls were covered over the majority of the blemishes, which could be lived with but do look patchy.
      No the beds were made up and the place was being lived in, tenants say they were happy there just moving area, landlord supposedly very helpful - which I am sure he is, but we did point out lots of things that needed doing.

      I work for a relocation company and he is a client of mine, who has a dust allergy and is very particular about things.
      As an inventory clerk if I did a check out I would pick up on all of this, some things were but nothing done about it. Landlord seems to be playing fair and said he would replace things and sort out last weekend, now management team are asking exactly what needs doing having had a few emails from me already listing the items that still need doing.

      City centre block of flats around 3 years old.

      I have to chase these things up until they are done I just wanted to know if the tenant could replace some things and charge the landlord, especially as he is now having to stay elsewhere in the city.



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