T leaving halfway through letting; can L use bailiffs?

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    T leaving halfway through letting; can L use bailiffs?

    ok, tenant is planning on deserting the property 6 months into a 12 month contract

    not only that but the tenant has refused to pay the 6th months rent claiming it should be taken from the deposit

    anyway, it has been nearly 3 weeks since the rent for feb was due - is this enough time for me to send some bailiffs in to recover the rent for this month?

    i really want to send someone in so at least i get febs money and then the deposit could possibly be used by way of compenstion for breaking the contract as the tenants are fleeing the country

    so, the question is basically if i can send bailiffs round to pursue a debt of 3 weeks late rent?


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    by jpkeates
    There is no maximum you can raise the rent to from a legal point of view.
    There is obviously a limit to what the tenant can afford.

    You can ask the tenant to leave at the end of a tenancy period, but they don't have to (which would compel you to go to court to repossess) or, if your...
    18-10-2021, 17:55 PM
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    I appreciate the responses but don’t feel my posts are being understood. The guest is paying me £11k for two months rent of the apartment - they are not a “squatter” risk.

    My guests are in London while they work remotely / enjoy leisure time. This could be called a holiday but I...
    18-10-2021, 17:49 PM
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    Hi! I would like to rent out the flat I own on a short-term 2 month basis. My freeholder permits me to have an Assured Shorthold Tenancy agreement so I would like to get one in place for my guest and then buy appropriate landlord insurance to cover me for public liability, personal injury, damage to...
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    by JK0
    I'd get on with it IIWY. I'd guess it will happen with the next lockdown.
    18-10-2021, 17:32 PM
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    I know that abolishing Section 21 is not yet a done deal but is looking likely. Do we know when the governments white paper is likely to show it's face and how long after that before we will not be able to use Section 21 ( a crystal ball question I know ). I'm hoping to repossess at least one more property...
    18-10-2021, 14:30 PM
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    Thank you. Yes we did. ( I worked in a school so am expert blu tac remover!!) The paintwork - emulsion had a slight texture and the blu tac ( green tac) was stuck in the texture and had to be sanded and all repainted....
    18-10-2021, 15:14 PM
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    My tenant is disputing the amount i am charging for
    clearing the garden of ivy and brambles, she hadn’t touched it for the whole years tenancy
    Broken kitchen tap- operating handle missing
    removal of shattaf fitted without permission which had leaked all over floor, under floor and...
    18-10-2021, 11:29 AM
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    by Worried landlady
    Ivy comes through from next door. Tenant had left it to grow all over path and steps. Brambles in privacy area with woodland trees. Tenant had allowed them to grow over steps and block path to bins. Contractor charged £84 for cut down and dispose of plus 2 large bins of weeds to tip....
    18-10-2021, 15:10 PM
  • Reply to Landlord dispute - As guarantor I'm on the hook for missing payments
    by jpucng62
    Whatever the outcome of your personal situation it does highlight why LLs won't take tenants who don't meet their affordability criteria - with or without a guarantor. That is bad news for low income tenants.
    18-10-2021, 14:22 PM