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    I used it, and you need to do one for each tenant.
    I have a similar setup - joint tenants, and ones a student.
    So the let itself is not a student let or HMO, but the occupation is student.


      hi kfarmah

      thanks for replying. the property I have is an HMO with 2 students and a working person at the moment and 2 rooms yet to let. So what you are saying is the basic credit search from tenant verify just relates to the individual you are checking on eg student let question would only be yes if the person you are checkin on is a student ?

      am i thinking right in that ?

      many thanks



        Yes, I belive it refers to the tenant rather than the property, confirmed by the occupation section.


          hi again

          so far ive only used the basic credit search which doesnt ask about the prospective tenants occupation. i guess what youre saying makes sense so thanks



            I used the comprehensive search and charged it back to the T (cheaper that and EA's application fee).


              Credit blacklist?


              A tenant who had been in my flat for a year moved out a couple of weeks ago and a new tenant moved in. After my old tenant left I realised she hasn't paid any bills - she was always late with the rent so I am not surprisd. They were all in her name and so her problem and I was just happy she had gone.

              However my new tenant says she asked BT to put in a phone line (I don't think the old tenant had a land line) and BT asked for a deposit as "there's a black mark against the address". I didn't think they could "black mark" addresses anymore? I thought it was just people records were kept on?

              Any ideas? Obviously I don't want a property I own to be credit blacklisted.



                You are correct. A credit report is on a person not the property. Your tenant will just have to speak to BT to advise of the situation.


                  That's what I thought. I am sure the new tenant made it clear she has nothing to do with the old tenant so I don't understand why BT are taking this line?


                    Originally posted by AuntyEm74 View Post
                    That's what I thought. I am sure the new tenant made it clear she has nothing to do with the old tenant so I don't understand why BT are taking this line?
                    I suspect that they haven't done a credit check, just used their own records.

                    One of my business is the giving of small loans, and have been doing this on a small scale for a few years now (all legitimate with a credit licence etc). I get defaulters, and sometimes it is repeated in the same road/block. If I have done 3 loans to different people in a particular road/block and all 3 have defaulted, if another comes along living in the same road/block I would be reluctant to give a loan, even though there was no connection other than the address.

                    If BT have also had significant defaulters in the same road/block as your tenant, likewise I guess they would wish to protect their position.
                    On some things I am very knowledgeable, on other things I am stupid. Trouble is, sometimes I discover that the former is the latter or vice versa, and I don't know this until later - maybe even much later. Because of the number of posts I have done, I am now a Senior Member. However, read anything I write with the above in mind.


                      I've had a few of these now where, especially if a new tenant wants to take out a mobile phone contract, the companies are saying that there is a history of non payment of bills at that particular address. Whether it is the post code or the actual property, the mobile phone co's won't sign the tenant up. Maybe BT is going that way.


                        Is there a UK-wide blacklist (landlords/tenants/Agents)?

                        Is there a UK Wide Tenant, Landlord and Estate Agent Blacklist?

                        Estate Agents should be blacklisted for not doing their work.

                        Tenants must be blacklisted for not paying rent, damaging property and breach of contract

                        Landlords must be blacklisted for breach of contract.

                        When blacklisted, only names shall be blacklisted and not property.

                        It will also act as a screening process to find the Tenants, Landlords and Estate Agents that are desired.


                          Should think that by the end of the first week you would be knee-deep in litigation.
                          I offer no guarantee that anything I say is correct. wysiwyg


                            And a long list of names which mean nothing on their own since many names are not unique.

                            What about the Data Protection Act?
                            I also post as Moderator2 when moderating


                              Who police's it? One tenant view of a agent does not make them a bad agent they may have a axe to grind against them cos they didnt get all their deposit back.

                              Nice idea but impratical.


                                I would have thought that you're much better off doing your best to get a CCJ ruled against them. Not so easy to shake that off.

                                Of course you could be unlucky, like me, and have a T who's reached a point where he doesn't care any more.

                                But at least any future LL will be forewarned.


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