Change of Landlord - Deposit not in scheme

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    Change of Landlord - Deposit not in scheme

    Hi, I wonder can anyone help me. I am an assured shorthold tenant with a 12 month tenancy due to expire in July 2009.

    I have received a letter stating that my landlord has now changed (as my previous landlord went into administration). Am I still bound by my tenancy agreement given the privity of contract situation (or am I confused!)?

    My tenancy agreement states that my deposit is in a specific tenancy deposit scheme. I queried this with my previous landlord a while ago who said that no, it was in their designated client account, and that was okay. However, I never received any written confirmation of this, and am now worried as to who is holding my deposit and whether it is safe, given that my previous landlord is now in administration.

    The Tenancy Agreement still continues. Presumably L1 transfered the property (subject to the tenancy) to L2. The latter should have served:
    a. written authority from L1;
    b. Notice under s.3 of LTA 1985; and
    c. Notice under s.48 of LTA 1987.

    But have you received al these as yet from L2?
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