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    Charge for sending tenant a letter

    My daughter's landlord has sent her a letter claiming that some other residents have complained that loud music has been heard from her flat on 5 out of 7 nights last week up to 11pm. This is not true, the flat wasn't even occupied for that many nights. There are no particulars and no evidence of course. The only person who has ever complained about music is the tenant of the flat opposite who woke my daughter and her friend at 6am one day to complain about music coming from another flat! They think she may have complained as the wording of the letter quotes phrases she has used on another occasion.

    This letter comes the day after my daughter refused to let the landlord's staff access to the flat to show tenants around when they were not in. She had a phone call at 6pm to say that they would be showing prospective tenants around the next day but she refused and made them wait until the following day. They were verbally aggressive in this conversation. (I found this site when looking for information regarding access by landlords and it was very useful so thanks a lot). She has had quite a few problems with other things too and they resent her calling to ask them to fix things.

    They are charging for sending this letter advising of a breech in the contract and say that if the fee is not paid within 7 days further charges will be made. Can they do this?

    I'm not a lawyer, but I seriously doubt it. Read your AST just in case.

    If that were true, then most mail order companies would be rolling in it, having charged a fiver to send you an invitation to join their 'whatever'.

    Let them rack up as much charges as they like. Simply send one letter back asking where in the AST it allows this. Charge them for this letter.


      Originally posted by Thirkie View Post
      that if the fee is not paid within 7 days further charges will be made. Can they do this?
      Hi, probably not, but some more info would be helpful:
      • what does the tenancy agreement say?
      • how much have they charged?
      • have
      they sent you any additional information on "admin" charges?



        On further investigation the rental contract does say they will charge £20 should it be necessary to send such a letter. However, after canvassing the tenants of the adjoining flat and the one below my daughter has acertained that they (a)did not complain (b) did not hear any noise from her flat and (c) did not hear any noise from any other flat. She thinks the tenant from across the corridor has complained (the music if it exists is probably coming from the flat below her) and the landlord has exagerated the claim because he is annoyed about the access disagreement.

        She has sent a letter strongly refuting the allegation telling him to check with the other tenants and has sent it by recorded delivery.

        Thanks for your help/advice.


          I may be wrong, but don't most agreements state something along the lines of not causing noise nuisance after 11:00 pm. At least mine do, which I presume by inference means noise befoe 11:00 is OK providing it is an undefined reasonableness.


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            this is not a great time to try to get possession, I would recommend that you tolerate them a bit longer. The Judge is not going to be sympathetic and besides these cases are going to take a long time to come to Court.
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