Advice on what to do with deposit held pre-April 2007

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  • Advice on what to do with deposit held pre-April 2007

    I would really appreciate you help. I let my house out due to my working moving to another part of the country. This was in Feb 2007. I have no experience in lettings so wasn’t aware of the tenancy deposit schemes etc. I KNOW that ignorance is no excuse, but I’m in a bit of a pickle at the moment and not sure what to do.
    The AST agreement has been renewed several times on a six monthly basis. It ran out on 31 Jan this year and now has reverted to a monthly contract. I WANT to put the money in a deposit scheme, but not sure if I will get penalised?
    How does one get into trouble with this? Is it the tenant that takes action or would the tenancy deposit companies notice that there is something wrong and take action against the landlord? I really want do the right thing, but am fearful of getting into trouble, please advise.

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    Put it into the scheme now, the chances are the tenant is unaware of the rules anyway, most cases where the tenant has claimed have been scuppered if the LL has put the money into a scheme before the court case
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      Thank you JTA


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