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  • First time landlord questions/sugestions

    Hi all,can I ask for some help/tips/suggestions as I am about to become a landlord.My situation is as follows:
    I need to rent my house out,its in a pristine condition,furnished 2 bed,2 storey terraced.I will be moving abroad as my job is taking me there and want to rent it out for the duration of my contract. I have had a couple of appointments with letting agencies and they seem to want to sell various things on top like electrical certificates (which they say are not regulatory but are our company policy to have),inventory certificates etc and it doesnt seem to make a huge price difference if it is furnished or not for the additional cost.The house in question has new carpets,leather sofas,complete for someone to just move in and live.Is this usual regarding the let price?
    I am a bit lost and I would appreciate any help that can be suggested.Also any agencies that you might have good experience within the Baldock,Stotfold,Biggleswade areas.
    Thank you all in advance.

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    Lots to consider
    1. Your agent should be regulated, i.e. ARLA/NAEA/RICS at the very least as this gives you much more protection should anything go wrong.
    2. A good inventory is essential and it is a skill in itself to prepare a good one.
    3. You need to contact HMRC overseas Landlord Dept in Cardiff (if your agent is on the ball they will guide you).
    4. Make sure you get a written terms of business and if you don't like any of the terms have them amended.
    5. Get a copy of their tenancy agreement in advance and make sure it covers all the points you want to include - if they say all they have a 'standard' agreement, then it is probably not going to be good enough. Agents must be pro-active in knowing how to structure a good AST on behalf of a client and they are few and far between unfortunately.
    6. Ask the individual at the agency you are going to deal with how long they have been in the lettings business (nobody ever asks them so you might be surprised) and if they have any formal qualifications (look at
    7. Make sure the applicants are thoroughly referenced and make sure you see the replies BEFORE granted them a tenancy - don't let the agent 'decide' for you, and insist they take your instructions before letting anybody in to your property.
    That's just for starters, and there's oodles more. Look at the home page on this site for shedloads of info.
    The advice I give should not be construed as a definitive answer, and is without prejudice or liability. You are advised to consult a specialist solicitor or other person of equal legal standing.


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