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  • Hot water issue still going

    Quick recap for anyone who hasnt read my previous thread. Ive had no hot water since October and have tentatively asked for it to be fixed on 3 occasions previously. I did have hot water before that but it seemed to be on a timer set by the landlord himself, I had no control of whether it was available or not. I am trying hard not to be a troublesome tenant as I really cannot face trying to move again and find a landlord who will accept LA. Im disabled so no chance of this situation changing in the future.

    I phoned my landlord again who sent the handyman around today. He again told me to leave the kitchen switches on even though I pointed out they had been left on for 5 weeks and clearly connected to the sockets under the kitchen counter and were nothing to do with the hot water. He said he would come back and check in 5 minutes and then drove off. So now its snowing and Ive just had another cold shower and Im getting nowhere.

    My previous landlord who has rented properties for 20 years came round for a coffee today and offered to call for me as he said he cant see that there is even a hot water switch anywhere in the flat? I put him off of the idea as I thought a stranger calling wouldnt be a good idea and I dont think he would have been very pleasant.

    Is there a template of a letter that I can send to the landlord so that its in writing this time? A fair one so I dont upset him and he still wants to renew my contract when its up? I would pay for a plumber myself if I was sure that was what is needed but it could be an electrician as there doesnt appear to be a switch?

    Edited because I cant spell ;o)

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    As advised before, refer him to his statutory obligations under s.11 of LTA 1985.
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