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    Originally posted by bunny View Post
    I just wanted to publicly thank Edinburgh29 who has been advising me on my damp issue off forum.

    He's been very helpful.


    Perhaps Edinburgh29 you could answer this question on the forum for the benefit of others. If a landlord has a damp issue what type of organisation should they consult about it in order to diagnose the cause and who should they avoid in order not to be ripped off. (I don't mean name company names).

    You saw from my issue that it's a tricky problem and I have not been overly impressed with the "professional" advice I have previously been given.
    One last point on Damp and Timber specialist companies, i met a client a good few years ago now, who had a damp problem, it turned out he worked as a sales manager for a double glazing company ( he told me this later so when i first met him i did not know this )
    Anyway this guy un beknown to me had called out every damp and timber specialist company in the yellow pages, 36 reports and estimates he got on the problem.
    I never knew this fact till he called me back for a meeting, he showed me all the different reports and estimates, which varied from 200 pounds to 20 thousand pounds.
    He went ahead with my quote, we done the work and i still keep in touch with him.
    This just shows you not one of the other 35 quotes correctly diagnosed the problem, some of the works they were specifying were outragous, and cost a fortune.
    So as a property owner and Landlord dont be caught out, logically look at the problem and im pretty sure you will conclude what the problem is, and fix it at the most cost effective way.


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