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    Private lettings in SE London


    Anyone know any good websites apart from Gumtree for Private lettings?


    Hi There

    I used discount letting to advertise on all the property websites - in addtion to the ones you mention. May be it is worth a look.



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    • Reply to Section 21 abolition - timetable
      by jpucng62
      EPC C is not law yet! I think there are a lot of LLs waiting to see if this happens or not. I certainly have properties to sell if this is the case but until we have facts I am not taking drastic action.

      The announcement today about heat pumps may change the conversation on EPCs - after...
      19-10-2021, 08:14 AM
    • Section 21 abolition - timetable
      by Kape65
      I know that abolishing Section 21 is not yet a done deal but is looking likely. Do we know when the governments white paper is likely to show it's face and how long after that before we will not be able to use Section 21 ( a crystal ball question I know ). I'm hoping to repossess at least one more property...
      18-10-2021, 14:30 PM
    • Reply to Rent Increase
      by doobrey
      Approach depends on various factors - including perhaps most obviously whether they are good tenants.

      Personally I cannot envisage a scenario where I would max out the rent being charged to my tenants so that I could enjoy 'a few nice holidays'. (In case anyone was wondering why landlords...
      19-10-2021, 07:43 AM
    • Rent Increase
      by TREK
      I am a landlord and have been letting a property out to tenants for £600 PCM for 4 years with no rent increases, i have not had my eye on the ball for 18 months and have just found out that very similar properties in the area are going for £800 PCM. What is the maximum i could raise the rent at the...
      18-10-2021, 17:22 PM
    • Reply to TDS requiring court order
      by memkad
      There is no question that I made a mistake.

      I'm asking for help now as in the agreement we both signed it states I can act as an agent for the tenant and let the house or part of the house during the unexpired term to recoup unpaid rent, which I have been doing....
      19-10-2021, 07:22 AM
    • TDS requiring court order
      by memkad
      Hello all,

      As an amateur landlord, I have made quite a big mistake.

      I’ve let a house to a limited company and used an AST template from the Law Society, not realising that the document is not valid for use with companies.

      All was well until March this year when...
      18-10-2021, 18:15 PM
    • Reply to Rent Increase
      by landlord-man
      So the Country is NOT drastically short of rental properties after all then.

      Maybe just me being lucky then as i have people waiting to move in before anyone moves out - and thats without advertising....
      19-10-2021, 07:13 AM
    • Reply to Rent Increase
      by mokka
      Agree with everyone else here really. Push it up high enough and they will have their feathers ruffled and may leave out of spite leaving a void....
      19-10-2021, 06:43 AM
    • Section 8 and Possession Order - any guidance please?
      by chortle
      I am about to complete paperwork online via PCOL as my tenant has not responded to section 8. In fact tenant has ignored all contact attempts since stopping rent payments and has given no reason/explanation for the arrears, despite my efforts to reach out - including a written offer to do what we can...
      19-10-2021, 05:55 AM
    • Reply to Rent Increase
      by flyingfreehold
      It is a paradox but you will make more money as a landlord in the end by charging less than the best open market rent. This is because your tenant will tend to stay put, so less void time, less refreshing the property between lets, less default, less wear and tear with people moving in and out. Also...
      19-10-2021, 01:45 AM