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  • Leak still not resolved

    Further to my previous post (see link below) I am STILL having problems.


    My boiler cupboard is now covered in mould, the black kind. The floor is soaking wet. The water is spreading over the ceiling. This is not the worst bit.

    As of yesterday when the snow started melting, the water POURED in through the ceiling, over the boiler itself. It has constantly been dripping like a tap onto the boiler. The plug socket is soaked where its now running down the inside wall not the outside.

    I'm sure this is a safety hazard but no one seems to care. We have put a bucket it on top but we can't keep doing that for weeks on end.

    Advise please... I've contacted environmental health but don't know what else to do.

    Our LL said we can move out but we don't want too nor can we afford to raise money for a deposit until we get ours back.

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    I see Jeffrey recommended legal action. If you are short of funds, contact your nearest Law Centre for free legal advice


    Is there nothing temporary you could get a builder to do (and deduct from the rent) such a tarpaulin over the roof?
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