Help! Compensation needed for appliances not working for weeks...

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  • Help! Compensation needed for appliances not working for weeks...

    commenced my AST on 13th January this year. AFTER I had signed the contract my landlady told me that the tumble dryer was broken and she would replce it in a day or so. She also said there maybe a problem with the oven and she would get someone to have a look in the next few days.

    Long story short on moving in I found that not only did the tumble dryer and oven not work but neither did the washing machine and the heating at the boiler was broken. After not hearing anything from them for a few days I chased and let them know about the other issues. It has taken them 3 weeks to replace the tumble dryer and oven and fix the washing machine. the inconvienience has been huge! i work from home and so the impact has been even greater! I have had to buy takeaways as not able to cook and take clothes to the launderette etc. The house was advertised as having these items. the heating is still not yet fixed and i have been so cold in the house for weeks now.

    I believe I must be entitled to compensation for this. Please can you advise what amount I should be requesting given that nothing in the kitchen worked for weeks. I have access to my children at weekends and a few days in the week but I have not been able to have them over due to no heating or cooking facilites. i paid £1500 deposit and £600 part rent from 13th jan to end of Jan. For Feb due is £950 - what should i be requesting as a reduction for compensating me for this? I have had to chase the landladt every day. She has made arrangements for people to come and fix so i have changed plans and work to be here and 3 times no-one has turned up....


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